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For anyone seeking plants for that hard-to-fill shade garden, Hosta Haven Farms is heaven.

The business, located at 1906 Wright Road, has 400 varieties of homegrown hostas available, including rare and patented hostas.

The family-owned and -operated nursery is the largest grower and supplier in Summit County, according to owner Kathey Hackney-Glidden, who operates the business.

Hackney-Glidden said she has been growing hostas as a hobby since 1985 and turned her efforts into a seasonal business in 1999 in a renovated shade house, which was made from 100-year-old barn beams taken from two Copley Township barns. Initially, the business offered 100 varieties of hostas.

Hackney-Glidden said hostas are a perennial shade plant known for their leaf beauty. All hostas produce a flower; some are spindly, while others are full clusters. Some hostas produce fragrant flowers, she said. 

“We grow, cultivate and divide all plants on the premises,” she explained. “We have six sizes of hostas to choose from, ranging from small to extra large.”

The nursery also features 50 different kinds of dwarf hostas, which reach 10 inches at maturity, as well as blue, variegated gold and mostly white hostas. Many of the hostas have red detail in the flower stem and flower stocks. Hosta Haven also sells some that can withstand sun.

“With the many varieties available, you can create an entire landscape,” said Hackney-Glidden. “We can also help customers design a hosta garden or identify an unknown variety.”

hh-about-prayingAmong the varieties at Hosta Haven Farms is “Praying Hands,” (shown at left) which was named as the 2011 Hosta of the Year by The Hosta Society, according Hackney-Glidden.

Hosta Haven has a display garden walk that shows off hundreds of its hostas, according to Hackney-Glidden.

In addition, Hosta Haven offers handmade permanent marking stones that can enhance gardens with an identity sign for each variety of hosta.

Hackney-Glidden said she worked with a company in Norton to create a stamp that can mark stones with the name of a hosta, and also can make other personalized stones for gardens.

Hosta Haven Farms opens for its 13th season this May. Hours are Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information about Hosta Haven, call 330-836-0606.