The Farm at Hosta Haven

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Come out to Hosta Haven Farm and see what we have to offer! We have shade houses full of hostas and beautiful display gardens to walk through. We can also dig up a mature plant from our gardens for customers who would like to begin with large plants.

At Hosta Haven Farms, we do more than sell hostas, we also help customers create and expand existing gardens. We offer ideas on how to create shade using lattice work and treated timbers that makes for a rustic look. We can also create garden designs, can advise customers how to lay out their plants and can help those who want to modify their gardens.

We will make home visits to identify a specific plant for customers. Hosta Haven Farms also sells a product to help customers deal with deer and other pests that like to eat hostas.

We carry products created by an Akron resident called Goodbye Deer and Restraining Order. Our customers tell us this is the first product that truly worked for them.

Hosta Haven Farms also sells cement-marking stones for hostas, and accepts custom orders for stepping stones.

We welcome visits from garden clubs to present histories and care guides on hostas. The groups are asked to call to set up an appointment to avoid busy times of the day.

In addition to hostas, several varieties of ferns, such as the Japanese painted fern and the ostrich fern, are sold at Hosta Haven Farms.

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